About Us

We want to be your go-to online store for all affordable modern cloth needs

Nappy Box Co makes access to modern cloth nappies Simple & Affordable. The ranges are all Tried & Tested by our children. We can confirm that the nappies will keep your bubs and toddlers 110% cute!

Our Mission is to curate the ranges that worked for us and know will hopefully work for you! We also want to help you with the information overload that comes with modern cloth nappy online shopping. I know us mums are master jugglers and multi-taskers but every minute of "ME" time is valuable so that time doesn't need to be spent researching cloth nappies!

Our Vision is to create a Greener Sustainable future for our children and future generations by minimising the use of single use nappies and wipes; we also have a few other ranges in the pipeline to help minimise single use products.

We are a small family run business based in Sydney, we use all the products we sell. Who could resist all of these cute prints!

Whether you are starting small with one or two nappies, adding to your collection or going all in with a full time stash, we have what you need!